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FBF is short for Fulfillment by Friendship.
Great friend in FriendShip enjoys FriendShip Care and FriendShip Data. We are to work as your close partner in China, as a supply chain assistant on from sourcing, production supervising, inspection, labeling, packaging, consolidation, sample testing, transport, storage and delivery to your or your customers’ doors. We will be an integrated part of your logistics team. With FriendShip, you will have everything and everyone needed for your business from A to Z.
The headache you used to have would not exist anymore, like having no product hunting and souring team, suitable warehouse, cheap and reliable and fair 3rd party inspection and logistics partner etc. There will be further no point to talk with over 10 parties back and forth.

FBF, the best key to set yourself free!

Let’s automate your business