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Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where a business doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party—usually a wholesaler or manufacturer—to fulfill orders.

Once a customer buys a product, you’ll be able to fulfill their order in the DSers app. Fortunately, DSers automates this process. As the store owner, all you have to do is check that the details are correct and click the Order button. The product is then sent directly from the AliExpress supplier to the customer—wherever in the world they may be.

With drop shipping, you can quickly test different business ideas with limited downside, which lets you learn a lot about how to choose and market in-demand products.

One of the most important parts of logistics services for an e-commerce business is last-mile delivery — the final step in the product development process, from the warehouse shelf to customer's hand.

Customers are eager to receive their orders. Dealing with their expectations is key to build up their loyalty. with our technology, you will have full consignment transparency. Our online platform allows you to review carrier, cost and transit time options based on consignment
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Customers are very impatient for receiving the products. Dealing with their expectations is key to increasing their loyalty. With FriendShip Tech, clients will have complete shipping transparency. The online platform allows people to review carrier, shipping cost and transit time.

Delivery is a method of fulfilling orders where a business does not keep inventory of the products. Instead, sellers buy inventory from a third party — usually a wholesaler or manufacturer — as needed to fulfill the order.  

Once a customer has purchased a product, you can deal their order in FriendShip WMS. Luckily, FriendShip automates this process. As a shop owner, all you have to do is to check if the details are correct and click the "Order" button. The product is sent directly from the supplier ( (e.g. AliExpress) to the customer anywhere in the world.

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